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Garment Features:


  • Integrated front pocket provides a protective fabric separation and enclosed storage location for the central line.
  • Angled pocket design safely guides line connections away from arm movement and armpit.
  • Single direction “Anti-tug” snap anchors for securing central line safely.
  • Easy snap seams provide immediate access to upper body and safe garment changing during central line use.
  • Uses "smart" silver ion release to provide antimicrobial product protection for 50+ washes.
  • Concealed snap design for comfort and function.
  • Quality lightweight cotton fabric, for under or outer wear.
  • Standard laundering care.

               Garment Usage Guide



Garment Benefits:


  • Safely secures, stores and protects the central line for inpatient and outpatient needs.
  • Maintains consistent and convenient access point to central line and ports for caregivers.
  • Helps prevent tugs, pulls and pinches of the central line device.
  • Reduce expense, time, effort and materials for maintaining a central line.
  • Avoids usage of sharp pins and skin irritating tape for securing central line.
  • Offers convenient function for the wearer and caregiver.
  • Antimicrobial technology provides product fabric protection against bacterial stains, odor, discoloration and to maintain garment freshness between washes.
  • Provides simple central line care for patients of all ages.